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Top Jobs for People without a DegreeMany people think that you need a college degree to land a great job . or at least, a job that will pay good money. But think again. Many jobs are available even for high-school graduates. Some people call them the big blue-collar jobs, and some people think that they are 'last chance' jobs. But if [...]Published: Saturday, February 15th 2014
Top Activities for RetireesRetirement seems to be one of the most anticipated stages of life as many are looking forward to the freedom and opportunities it offers. Some individuals choose to retire early in their mid-40s while some are forced into retirement in their 60s. When the retirement phase comes, people enjoy free ti[...]Published: Thursday, February 13th 2014
How to Get a Business LoanBig ideas and fresh innovations are two of the most crucial components in the success of a business. If you have a great product and service in mind, but does not have the financial means to actualize your grand master plan, it will be but very difficult to start your own business venture. Thankfull[...]Published: Wednesday, February 12th 2014
Simple Ways to Save Money for the FutureOne guaranteed formula for financial success is to save money early on in life. The future surely brings a ton of uncertainties, but with adequate financial resources, you will be able to meet challenges with utmost confidence. But the activity of saving, is of course, easier said than done. With al[...]Published: Tuesday, February 11th 2014
Benefits and Advantages of Online DatingWith the advancements and developments in technology, the dating process has also improved considerably. Nowadays, a lot of people are using online dating services and partner sites to help them increase their chances in meeting their perfect match. There are many international web sites that cater [...]Published: Friday, February 7th 2014
Popular Jobs for 2014The times are always changing, and with them are what the top jobs are. These jobs reflect social, technological, and even cultural trends, and sometimes, if you can look ahead far enough, you may be able to see what the job trends are, and prepare yourself for a few years of being at the top of you[...]Published: Friday, February 7th 2014
Effective Cold Remedies and Those that Don't WorkOur civilization has undergone a million and one changes and technology has well improved leaps and bounds, as evidenced by our recent achievement in colonizing Mars. Despite all these, we have yet to find a cure for the common cold. While we wait for scientists to discover the ultimate treatment fo[...]Published: Sunday, February 2nd 2014
Twelve Ways to Save on your Home Electric BillThere are many benefits to saving on electricity. For one, being energy efficient helps you in saving a ton of money. This is one of the most common motivations as to why most homeowners pledge on following measures to save electricity altogether. The money that you save from reduced energy consumpt[...]Published: Sunday, February 2nd 2014
How to Get Cheap FlightsTraveling by air used to be very expensive. Only a few privileged people can actually afford to take a trip overseas due to sky-high prices of flights. The introduction of budget airlines have completely changed the global airline industry. Today, even those with little savings hop on a flight and t[...]Published: Sunday, February 2nd 2014

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