Popular Jobs for 2016

The times are always changing, and with them are what the top jobs are. These jobs reflect social, technological, and even cultural trends, and sometimes, if you can look ahead far enough, you may be able to see what the job trends are, and prepare yourself for a few years of being at the top of your game – and ready to see where else you can go from there.

With that in mind, here are some of the top jobs for 2014, and why they should be options you should consider.

Athletic Trainers

If you’re a fitness nut, or at the very least you have daily physical fitness habits that keep you healthy, then you should consider being an athletic trainer in 2014 and beyond. This is because athletic trainers are no longer needed by the elderly or those who wish to be even healthier due to sports or aesthetic issues. As many jobs begin to lean heavily on sedentary work in front of a computer, people from all ages and skill levels are beginning to realize that they have to keep in shape. It’s no surprise if an athletic trainer won’t just have personal clients, but corporate or organizational clients as well.

You will probably need a bachelor’s degree and the proper certification or licenses to practice in-state. Further studies in physical therapy and other related medical and scientific courses are an option for future job expansion.

Cost Estimators

As people find out whenever they go into business, everything has a cost. And, as the job name implies, cost estimators are hired to figure out costs properly for a project or job. This isn’t just about money, but also time, labor expenses, and even material costs. It’s a high-pressure job, but if you can hack it, you’ll never lack for clients.

An accounting degree suits this job well, but you should also consider expanding your sphere of knowledge to include project management and even specific scientific and engineering courses, if you want to narrow your field of cost estimation.

Dental Hygienists

With dental health becoming inextricably linked to overall health, it’s no surprise that dental hygienists are now in demand. If you’re wondering, the difference between a dental hygienist and a dentist is the fact that hygienists are strictly involved with preventive measures only. You will need an associate’s degree and a proper license to operate as one, and you will probably have to work in conjunction with a dentist or orthodontist, or even an EENT specialist.

The demand is increasing, not only because of the health link, but also because people are more aware now of all facets of their health.


While an electrician’s job may sound basic and almost comical in the current online age, the demand for electricians are predicted to grow by 25% within the next few years. This is a relatively easy job field to get into, given that you only need to graduate from a technical school and finish an apprenticeship with a senior electrician. Many states will require licensing before you can practice.

While electronics maintenance and repair people may be hogging the glory, so to speak, electricians are still the foundation for the field, since they make sure that all electrical devices, power lines, and other related equipment are properly installed and connected, all according to local state safety codes.

Event Planner

If you’re thinking of event planners as people who organize weddings and large parties and social events, then you’re only scratching the traditional scope of the job. Modern event planners are now involved with concerts, mall tours, conventions, special product events, and even business meetings with special needs.

You don’t need a specific degree to become an event planner, although a management degree certainly helps. It’s a good idea to work a few projects under the wings of more experienced event planners before striking out on your own. It is also important to build a client list, so you should learn how to socialize and mingle in events.

Medical Assistant

If you’re still saving up to for tuition to be a doctor, nurse, or medical specialist, then your best job option is to find a job as a medical assistant. Medical assistants work with other medical professionals to provide clerical and administrative support, and as such, they don’t actually need college degrees, although experience in organization and office management is a big plus. The big advantage you’ll have in medical school after working as a medical assistant is that you will probably be familiar with many of the terms, and may even have been trained to handle emergency situations and some clinical procedures by your own superiors.

Personal Care Aide

This job is an expansion on the idea of a caregiver, as it is basically that and a personal assistant combined. For younger clients, all that you might be required to do is act as a personal secretary and health coordinator, but if your client is ill, you will need medical training and you may even certification, if the client requires medical procedures that fall beyond the normal.

You will most probably be required to work in a private facility or a residence. Another aspect of being a personal care aide is that you may have to monitor recovering drug abusers or those who are coming out of a psychological or psychiatric issue.

Public relations Specialist

Traditionally, PR specialists were the ones who wrote press releases, planned public events, and did fundraisers for their clients. They would also be the contact for the press and tri-media. However, with the coming of the online age, PR specialists are also expected to be well-versed in copy for release online, and for the controlling and managing social media concerns, either as a direct practitioner or as a team leader.

There is no formal requirement for PR specialists, and they can work for both individuals and companies. However, holding a degree in communications, management, or, surprisingly, the liberal arts, is seen as an advantage in this job field. You should consider working under the wing of a senior PR specialist, and learning how to manage a team, before you go for bigger jobs within the field.

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