Top Activities for Retirees

Retirement seems to be one of the most anticipated stages of life as many are looking forward to the freedom and opportunities it offers. Some individuals choose to retire early in their mid-40s while some are forced into retirement in their 60s. When the retirement phase comes, people enjoy free time which they can devote to a myriad of activities and causes which they have always wanted to perform, but previously did not have the chance to do so. Retirees have already accomplished career goals and familial obligations, they can now take a backseat and choose from different fun and memorable activities.

There are many things that people can busy themselves with once they hit retirement. The boomer generation is unlike any other. They boast enthusiasm and energy like no other, as most of them have professional backgrounds and life experiences that attract them to performing adventure-filled and meaningful activities during their retirement years. There is an abundance of opportunities and activities to choose from. Here are some great activities that are perfect for retirees.


A large majority of retirees seek to improve their health and wellness in later years. Baby boomers are aware of the benefits of keeping fit, thus they are more inclined into trying out activities that involve exercise. Most retirees apply for gym memberships with the goal of improving their physique, stamina, and over all wellness. Some even dive into the world of body- building. It is never too late to develop a lean and well-defined musculature anyway.

Other activities similar to exercising which retirees involve themselves with are walking and hiking. It is a great use of time to hike and walk alone, or with others, as it fosters bonding and is a form of exercise too. Walking and hiking are not as taxing as working out at the gym. It enables retirees the opportunity of taking things slow, while appreciating the beauty of their surroundings.

Gallery Tours

For those who have deep appreciation for arts will be delighted to know that art shows are hosted on a regular basis. Attending gallery openings and artist collection launches are fun ways by which you can spend an evening around people with artistic taste similar to yours. This social event involves interacting with fellow art lovers, wine, and hors doeuvres making gallery openings and launches fun and interactive. If you are an artist yourself, gallery launches can bring you the chance of sharing your works of art too.


A large percentage of retirees report that traveling to new places is an activity they are most likely to pursue during their free time. Whether it is traveling abroad, or within the country, retirees are more open to the idea of travel as they do not have work or their families to think about. When planning to travel, retirees are recommended to join a travel club or organization with fellow retirees. This is especially true if you plan on traveling abroad. Guided tours are more organized and are more fun since members have constant interaction with people who share the same interests in life. It is also safer to travel in groups, and is more convenient as all flights and accommodations are handled properly ahead of time.

Book Clubs

Work and family obligations may have forced some retirees to set aside their appreciation for books. Sure, they may have the chance to read a literary masterpiece once in a while back when they were still younger, but the quality of time in deeply appreciating them is out of the question. If you want to discover great literary works, and maybe share your thoughts to other people, join a book club. Retirees find like-minded people like them and may be start new friendships and meaningful connections as well. Book clubs also facilitate discussion, which exercises the mind too.


Working closely with Mother Earth is therapeutic especially for those who have experienced stress their entire lives. Starting on a gardening project at home is a great way for retirees to unwind and spend their free time wisely. There are many benefits to these activities. For one, gardening is a great way to exercise as carrying and tending to plants enable the muscles of the body to move continually. In addition, gardening is therapeutic in that one can collect his thoughts and ideas while arranging plants and watering them as well. Retirees may choose to grow flowers, fruits, and vegetables. Gardening also promotes wellness as produce from such an activity can be prepared into healthy and scrumptious dishes too.

Water sports

Another great form of exercise is that of trying out water-based activities such as swimming canoeing, paddle boarding, wake boarding and kayaking among many others. Retirees who are fond of the water will have more choices when they travel to the beach and resorts. These activities not only condition the body, but enable retirees to develop new skills and improve physical qualities such as strength, stamina, and endurance. Water sports are also a great way to appreciate nature more, as activities like those mentioned above are performed outdoors.


Since retirees have got a lot of free time on their hands, they become more in tuned with current events. Their increased awareness of what is happening to their surroundings open there minds to problems that plague humanity from all around the world. Volunteering for a great cause enables retirees to reach to other people in need. There are many organizations that retirees can get themselves involved with, from Habitat for Humanity to working with street children in their respective cities. Some volunteer work also involves traveling to other places such as those missions abroad which makes the activity more exciting and fruitful for members.

Adventure service not only benefits recipients of care and donations, but is also advantageous for member retirees as they get the chance to travel the world with little to no money involved. Retirees can start small, by volunteering in soup kitchens or disaster relief operations in places devastated by typhoons and other natural calamities.

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