North Dakota State

North Dakota is the 39th state of the United States, having been admitted to the union on November 2, 1889.

It is located in the Upper Midwestern region of the United States, bordered by the Canadian provinces of Saskatchewan and Manitoba to the north, the states of Minnesota to the east, South Dakota to the south, and Montana to the west.

The state capitol is located in Bismarck and the largest city is Fargo.

Currently, North Dakota is the 19th most extensive but the 3rd least populous and the 4th least densely populated of the 50 United States.

North Dakota State Symbols

North Dakota State Flag North Dakota State Flag North Dakota State Seal North Dakota State Seal North Dakota License Plate North Dakota License Plate North Dakota State Quarter North Dakota State Quarter North Dakota State Stamp North Dakota State Stamp North Dakota State Bird North Dakota State Bird North Dakota State Flower North Dakota State Flower

North Dakota Realtime Buzz

Wed Mar 29 20:59:47 +0000 2017 LukeHermanSwims

RT @swimswamnews: North Dakota To Cut Swimming & Diving Along With Women’s Hockey

Wed Mar 29 20:59:43 +0000 2017 anondahopps5

RT @YahooSportsNHL: North Dakota is eliminating its women’s hockey program

Wed Mar 29 20:59:41 +0000 2017 RDockendorf

University of North Dakota athletic director says UNS has faced higher expenses, including new requirements with change in conferences.

Wed Mar 29 20:59:31 +0000 2017 AmaliaTd


Wed Mar 29 20:59:30 +0000 2017 CBBaddict121

#CCRPOTYFanVote Quinton Hooker - North Dakota

Wed Mar 29 20:59:02 +0000 2017 McKCountyFarmer

49 active drilling rigs today in North Dakota, 25 in McKenzie County #Bakken #NDoil

Wed Mar 29 20:58:57 +0000 2017 maddiederby

RT @swimswamnews: North Dakota To Cut Swimming & Diving Along With Women’s Hockey

Wed Mar 29 20:58:45 +0000 2017 KarenJan9

RT @RuthHHopkins: North Dakota Oil Spill 3 Times Larger Than Initially Thought #NoDAPL

Wed Mar 29 20:58:37 +0000 2017 mashmore98

According to North Dakota's press release, women's hockey will not be brought back in the "foreseeable future."

Wed Mar 29 20:58:34 +0000 2017 spottheoutlier

RT @MyWSports: BREAKING NEWS: @UNDwhockey and @UNDswimdive will be cut following the 2016-17 year following budget cuts to University of N…

Wed Mar 29 20:58:31 +0000 2017 pete21982

North Dakota cutting women's hockey is the dumbest athletic department move I have ever heard of.

Wed Mar 29 20:58:31 +0000 2017 AngelsofPhoenix

RT @RuthHHopkins: North Dakota Oil Spill 3 Times Larger Than Initially Thought #NoDAPL

Wed Mar 29 20:58:15 +0000 2017 TLNMinneapolis

UND cuts women's hockey and men's and women's swimming. Press conference scheduled for around 3:30 p.m. Watch here…

Wed Mar 29 20:58:06 +0000 2017 jhageman_

North Dakota House overrides Burgum's veto on bonus bill #ndpol

Wed Mar 29 20:58:00 +0000 2017 agleaso

RT @gopherstate: North Dakota spent more time trying to keep its nickname than women's hockey. Nothing "hockey school" at all.


North Dakota

North Dakota Business, Events, News, Community, Deals & More.

North Dakota Info

North Dakota Overview


As of 2012, North Dakota has a total population of 641,566 people. Since 2000, it has had a population growth of -0.17%.

The median home price North Dakota is $97,910 with the median age of the buyer being 35. Homes in North Dakota have appreciatied over the last by 1.02%.

Public schools in North Dakota spend approximately $5,814 per student. This provides for a student to teacher ratio of 10.1.

North Dakota has an unemployment rate of 3.20%, compared to the USA average of 10.20%. Recent job growth is -2.84% with a projected future job growth of 31.12%.

North Dakota has an average commute time of 17.4 compared to the national average of 27.8.

On a scale from 1 to 10 (lowest crime to highest crime) North Dakota is a 1 in violent crime and a 3 in property crime. Violent crime is made up of murder, manslaughter, rape, aggrevated assault and robbery. Property crime is made up of larceny, burglary, vehicle theft, arson and any theft type offense when there is no force against the victim. The national averages are 4 for violent crime and 4 for property crime.

In terms of political affiliations in North Dakota, 44.470% of people are Democrats, 53.070% are Republicans and 2.469% are registered Independent.

North Dakota People


In 2012, the population of North Dakota was 641,566. North Dakota has a population density of 9 (how many people live in one square mile.

Family in North Dakota

The median age in North Dakota is 36.9, compared to the USA median age of 36.8. Males account for 50.23% of the population of North Dakota, while females make up 49.77% of the population (The USA averages are 49.34% male and 50.66% female).

The average household size in North Dakota is 2.31 people across 264,968. 57.78% of people are married in North Dakota while 42.22% are single.

Local PopulationNorth DakotaUnited States
Population Density987
Population Change-0.17%9.00%
Median Age36.936.8
Household Size2.312.59
Male Population50.23%49.34%
Female Population49.77%50.66%
Married Population57.78%57.41%
Single Population42.22%42.59%

North Dakota Economy

Households by IncomeNorth DakotaUnited States
Income Less than $15,00013.84%12.48%
Income Between $15,000 and $25,00012.54%10.46%
Income Between $25,000 and $35,00012.81%10.68%
Income Between $35,000 and $50,00017.26%15.26%
Income Between $50,000 and $75,00011.22%12.20%
Income Between $100,000 and $150,0007.76%11.83%
Income Between $150,000 and $250,0002.60%5.23%
Income Between $250,000 and $500,0000.79%1.54%
Income Greater than $500,0000.28%0.70%
Population by OccupationNorth DakotaUnited States
Management, Business, and Financial Operations14.97%13.70%
Professional and Related Occupations18.50%20.28%
Sales and Office26.64%26.66%
Farming, Fishing, and Forestry1.52%0.74%
Construction, Extraction, and Maintenance9.63%9.51%
Production, Transportation, and Material Moving12.39%14.39%
Local EconomyNorth DakotaUnited States
Unemployment Rate3.20%10.20%
Recent Job Growth-2.84%-4.06%
Future Job Growth31.12%21.68%
Sales Taxes6.50%6.80%
Income Taxes5.54%6.25%
Income per Capita$23,603$26,372
Household Income$44,308$51,660

North Dakota Housing


As of 2012, North Dakota consisted of 28.93% renters and 57.24% home owners. Homes have appreciated at a rate of 1.02% over the past year (compared to a national appreciation of -5.21%).

North Dakota HousingNorth DakotaUnited States
Median Home Cost$97,910$183,450
Median Home Age3533
Home Appreciation1.02%-5.21%
Homes Owned57.24%60.14%
Housing Vacancy13.83%10.50%
Homes Rented28.93%29.36%
Property Tax Rate$16.76$11.20
North Dakota Homes by ValueNorth DakotaUnited States
Less Than $20,0009.74%2.71%
$20,000 to $39,9999.05%3.86%
$40,000 to $59,9999.63%5.09%
$60,000 to $79,99910.71%6.10%
$80,000 to $99,99911.42%7.33%
$100,000 to $149,99925.61%18.53%
$150,000 to $199,99912.22%14.38%
$200,000 to $299,9998.25%17.52%
$300,000 to $399,9991.89%9.26%
$400,000 to $499,9990.65%5.11%
$500,000 to $749,9990.55%5.76%
$1,000,000 or more0.14%2.07%
North Dakota Homes by Year BuiltNorth DakotaUnited States
1939 or Earlier17.62%12.87%
1940 to 19495.57%6.21%
1950 to 19599.96%10.80%
1960 to 196910.97%12.04%
1970 to 197921.23%16.14%
1980 to 198912.10%14.11%
1990 to 19944.67%6.29%
1995 to 19985.32%6.33%
1999 to October 200512.58%15.21%

North Dakota Religion


70.84% of the people in North Dakota declare themselves religious, compared to the national average of 48.34%.

North Dakota ReligionsNorth DakotaUnited States
Declared Religious70.84%48.34%
Other Christian4.41%5.20%

North Dakota Map

North Dakota Discussion

North Dakota Cities

Abercrombie, ND Absaraka, ND Adams, ND Adrian, ND Alamo, ND Alexander, ND Alfred, ND Alice, ND Almont, ND Alsen, ND Ambrose, ND Amenia, ND Amidon, ND Anamoose, ND Aneta, ND Antler, ND Ardoch, ND Argusville, ND Arnegard, ND Arthur, ND Arvilla, ND Ashley, ND Ayr, ND Baldwin, ND Balfour, ND Balta, ND Bantry, ND Barney, ND Bathgate, ND Battleview, ND Beach, ND Belcourt, ND Belfield, ND Benedict, ND Berlin, ND Berthold, ND Beulah, ND Binford, ND Bisbee, ND Bismarck, ND Blaisdell, ND Bottineau, ND Bowbells, ND Bowdon, ND Bowman, ND Braddock, ND Brampton, ND Bremen, ND Brocket, ND Buchanan, ND Buffalo Springs, ND Buffalo, ND Burlington, ND Butte, ND Buxton, ND Caledonia, ND Calvin, ND Cando, ND Cannon Ball, ND Carpio, ND Carrington, ND Carson, ND Cartwright, ND Casselton, ND Cathay, ND Cavalier, ND Cayuga, ND Center, ND Chaseley, ND Christine, ND Churchs Ferry, ND Cleveland, ND Clifford, ND Cogswell, ND Coleharbor, ND Colfax, ND Colgate, ND Columbus, ND Cooperstown, ND Courtenay, ND Crary, ND Crete, ND Crosby, ND Crystal, ND Cummings, ND Dahlen, ND Davenport, ND Dawson, ND Dazey, ND Deering, ND Denhoff, ND Des Lacs, ND Devils Lake, ND Dickey, ND Dickinson, ND Dodge, ND Donnybrook, ND Douglas, ND Doyon, ND Drake, ND Drayton, ND Driscoll, ND Dunn Center, ND Dunseith, ND Durbin, ND Dwight, ND East Sidney, ND Edgeley, ND Edinburg, ND Edmore, ND Edmunds, ND Egeland, ND Eldridge, ND Elgin, ND Ellendale, ND Elliott, ND Embden, ND Emerado, ND Enderlin, ND Englevale, ND Epping, ND Erie, ND Esmond, ND Fairdale, ND Fairfield, ND Fairmount, ND Fargo, ND Fessenden, ND Fingal, ND Finley, ND Flasher, ND Flaxton, ND Forbes, ND Fordville, ND Forest River, ND Forman, ND Fort Ransom, ND Fort Rice, ND Fort Totten, ND Fort Yates, ND Fortuna, ND Foxholm, ND Fredonia, ND Fullerton, ND Gackle, ND Galchutt, ND Galesburg, ND Gardner, ND Garrison, ND Gascoyne, ND Geneseo, ND Gilby, ND Gladstone, ND Glasston, ND Glen Ullin, ND Glenburn, ND Glenfield, ND Golden Valley, ND Golva, ND Goodrich, ND Grace City, ND Grafton, ND Grand Forks AFB, ND Grand Forks, ND Grandin, ND Granville, ND Grassy Butte, ND Grenora, ND Gwinner, ND Hague, ND Halliday, ND Hamar, ND Hamilton, ND Hampden, ND Hankinson, ND Hannaford, ND Hannah, ND Hannover, ND Hansboro, ND Harvey, ND Harwood, ND Hatton, ND Havana, ND Hazelton, ND Hazen, ND Heaton, ND Hebron, ND Heil, ND Hensel, ND Hensler, ND Hettinger, ND Hickson, ND Hillsboro, ND Honeyford, ND Hoople, ND Hope, ND Horace, ND Hunter, ND Hurdsfield, ND Inkster, ND Jamestown, ND Jessie, ND Johnstown, ND Jud, ND Judson, ND Karlsruhe, ND Kathryn, ND Keene, ND Kenmare, ND Kensal, ND Killdeer, ND Kindred, ND Kintyre, ND Knox, ND Kramer, ND Kulm, ND Lakota, ND Lamoure, ND Landa, ND Langdon, ND Lankin, ND Lansford, ND Larimore, ND Lawton, ND Leeds, ND Lefor, ND Lehr, ND Leith, ND Leonard, ND Lidgerwood, ND Lignite, ND Lincoln, ND Linton, ND Lisbon, ND Litchville, ND Loraine, ND Luverne, ND Maddock, ND Maida, ND Makoti, ND Mandan, ND Mandaree, ND Manning, ND Mantador, ND 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