Updated: Monday 16th of October 2017 04:39:40 PM
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Hip implant patients sue manufacturerMore than 300 individuals want compensation for injuries they claim were caused by DePuy metal-on-metal hips.BBC | 10 hours ago
Hospitals in England to ban 'super-size' chocolate barsSweets and chocolate should be under a 250-calorie limit, NHS England says.BBC | 13 hours ago
Why I secretly taped my disability assessmentSome ill and disabled people are so worried about the process, they are using mobile phones to secretly record those interviews, critics say.BBC | 20 hours ago
Mesh surgeon investigated by NHS trust in BristolTony Dixon works at Southmead Hospital and at the Spire private hospital in Bristol.BBC | 23 hours ago
Scottish cardiac arrest resuscitation rates riseA report finds new "models of care" have led to more Scots being successfully resuscitated following an arrest.BBC | 1 day ago
NHS patients to be asked about sexualityNHS England says the question will deter discrimination against lesbian, gay and bisexual people.BBC | 1 day ago
Disabled children hate crime reports increasingFamilies with disabled children describe being abused online and in the street.BBC | 1 day ago
How VR is helping to train a new generation of surgeonsVirtual reality technology that lets trainee surgeons feel "flesh and bone" is developed.BBC | 1 day ago
Conjoined twins survive gruelling journey to separationThe one-week-old baby girls had to go on a 15-hour journey on the back of a motorbike.BBC | 1 day ago
NHS praised after racist tweet about sickle cell disease sufferersBlood donors come forward after the NHS condemns comments about sickle cell disease sufferers.BBC | 2 days ago
Magic mushrooms can 'reset' depressed brainPsilocybin - the hallucinogenic ingredient in mushrooms - may help in depression, a study suggests.BBC | 3 days ago
Breast reconstruction: 'I wanted to feel normal again'Rita had a mastectomy last year, after being diagnosed with stage three breast cancer.BBC | 3 days ago
Girl's lung collapsed after screaming at One DirectionThe girl became short of breath during the concert but continued cheering "because she was a super fan".BBC | 3 days ago
Antibiotics 'may be lost' through overuse, says chief medical officerEngland's chief medical officer is "really worried" about the threat of antibiotic resistance.BBC | 3 days ago
Is there period poverty in the UK?We spoke to four college students about their experience.BBC | 4 days ago
The little girl who is always hungrySix-year-old Megan has the rare Prader-Willi syndrome, which means she never feels full.BBC | 4 days ago
Elizabeth Hurley: ‘Breast cancer will be beaten’Actress and model Elizabeth Hurley has told BBC Radio 5 live she believes breast cancer can be beaten.BBC | 4 days ago
How a polio survivor is educating India's rural childrenSai Padma has not let the near constant pain of her disability stop her from teaching the children of remote Indian villages.BBC | 4 days ago
The flying eye hospitalA pioneering surgical team use an operating theatre on a plane and virtual reality technology.BBC | 4 days ago
The origami-inspired bots that could perform surgeryResearchers at MIT have developed miniature bots that can fold into a number of different shapes.BBC | 5 days ago

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