Updated: Monday 22nd of May 2017 08:11:15 PM
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'Half a glass of wine every day' increases breast cancer riskThat's what a report says - but we look at all the risks of breast cancer for women.BBC | 4 hours ago
Frozen 'space sperm' passes fertility testViable mouse sperm stored in space gives hope for sperm banks on the Moon, a Japanese team says.BBC | 6 hours ago
Lean-burn physiology gives Sherpas peak-performanceNepalese mountain guides have a physiology that uses oxygen more efficiently lowlanders.BBC | 7 hours ago
General election: Theresa May denies social care U-turnRevised Tory plans will include an option for an "absolute limit" on total costs following criticism.BBC | 11 hours ago
Microwave mushrooms 'to keep their goodness', scientists sayGrilling and microwaving are the best ways to cook the fungi, a Spanish study says.BBC | 15 hours ago
Intersex patients 'routinely lied to by doctors'Doctors in the UK routinely lied to patients with disorders of sex development known as intersex conditions, the BBC finds.BBC | 15 hours ago
IVF treatment girl returns to Newcastle Centre for Life"I was made out of two tiny little cells in a little glass tube," says seven-year-old Hannah.BBC | 17 hours ago
Mental health deaths probed at Essex NHS trustEssex police are looking into about 20 deaths, according to the mother of one of those who died.BBC | 22 hours ago
Parkrun triumph for runner who recovered from two strokesBen Parker ran the Kesgrave course despite having suffered two strokes caused by a hole in his heart.BBC | 1 day ago
UK's first proton beam machine arrives at Newport clinicThe UK's first high-energy proton beam machine will offer treatments next year, the firm behind it says.BBC | 2 days ago
Cigarettes sold in plain green packs under new rulesStandardised tobacco packaging rules come into force to try to put young people off smoking.BBC | 2 days ago
Five tips from the ‘happiest man on earth’.Renowned expert and author on compassion and happiness Matthieu Ricard, often called the ‘happiest man on earth', offers his five top tips for happiness.BBC | 3 days ago
NHS performance data delay 'disappointing', regulator saysAn NHS regulator was advised against publishing performance data by the government.BBC | 3 days ago
More than 10,000 defibrillators in public places 'could be faulty'Users are urged to check the devices' battery connections, which may not be working properly.BBC | 3 days ago
'Spice' ban one year onIt's a year since the ban on so-called legal highs, but has making it illegal stopped people from using it?BBC | 3 days ago
Chester hospital baby deaths to be investigated by policeCountess of Chester hospital recorded a "higher than usual" mortality rate.BBC | 4 days ago
Exercise programme 'can reduce concussion' in youth rugbyStrength, balance and movement exercises help teenagers avoid injury, a study says.BBC | 4 days ago
Beauty sleep is a real thing, research showsPeople who miss out on sleep do appear less attractive to others, researchers have shown.BBC | 6 days ago
'Fat but fit is a big fat myth'Researchers say being fat but medically fit does not protect people from heart disease.BBC | 6 days ago
NHS cyber attack: A&Es 'fully open' againPatients are no longer being diverted away from A&E units following the cyber attack, NHS bosses say.BBC | 6 days ago

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