Updated: Sunday 20th of August 2017 06:27:45 AM
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'Hard' Brexit offers '£135bn annual boost' to economyBut opponents say the proposal to unilaterally ditch tariffs and barriers is "economic suicide".BBC | 3 hours ago
Pension cold-calling ban to include texts and emailsThe government is cracking down after 3,000 savers were conned out of an average of £15,000 each.BBC | 4 hours ago
Jeremy Corbyn Welsh visit 'on your side' pledge to votersThe Labour leader takes his summer campaign tour to north Wales, promising jobs and investment.BBC | 19 hours ago
UK terror threat increased by IS losses, security minister saysThe security minister says the terror group is inspiring home-grown attackers across Europe.BBC | 1 day ago
Big Ben's Ayrton Light to be switched offThe Ayrton Light was installed in 1885 and was last turned off during World War Two.BBC | 1 day ago
Vince Cable defends MPs over spending claimsThe Liberal Democrat leader says his party has nothing to apologise for after questions were raised about campaign spending.BBC | 1 day ago
Nicola Sturgeon would change SNP nameThe SNP leader said that if she could turn the clock back 90 years and change the SNP's name she would.BBC | 1 day ago
Young people should 'think twice' about university - Frank FieldLabour's Frank Field says apprenticeships can be more worthwhile than degrees.BBC | 1 day ago
Barcelona attack: Theresa May says UK stands with Spain against 'evil'Theresa May "offered any assistance we can provide" after the attacks in Spain.BBC | 1 day ago
Barcelona reaction: Leanne Wood comments spark outrageThe Plaid Cymru leader is urged to apologise or resign for linking the Barcelona attack to far-right terrorism.BBC | 2 days ago
The Sun doesn't run the Labour Party - Jeremy CorbynJeremy Corbyn takes a swipe at the paper after claims Labour mayors will be frozen out of conference.BBC | 2 days ago
London-based Redcar steelworks job is a 'sick joke'The government is seeking someone to oversee the regeneration of the Redcar steelworks site.BBC | 2 days ago
Brexit: UK looks to keep visa-free travel from EUEU visitors would need permission only to work, study or live long-term in the UK.BBC | 2 days ago
Jeremy Corbyn: Wrong to blame 'entire community' for abuseThe Labour leader denies Tory claims he sacked Sarah Champion over an article about "Pakistani men".BBC | 2 days ago
Mother wins MoD apology over 'Snatch' Land Rover deathAfter a 12-year legal battle, Sue Smith finds justice for her son who died in a Snatch Land Rover in Iraq.BBC | 2 days ago
Mental health services patchy, says PMTheresa May says the UK's mental health services are "patchy" and has told Newsbeat she's going to review them.BBC | 2 days ago
Grenfell fire: Jeremy Corbyn urges PM to widen probeJeremy Corbyn fears PM is trying to avoid criticism by excluding 'social and political issues'.BBC | 2 days ago
Former May adviser Nick Timothy calls student fees 'a Ponzi scheme'Theresa May's former chief of staff says the system is 'unsustainable' and should be reformed.BBC | 3 days ago
Row over Jo Swinson election spending in East DunbartonshireThe SNP and Lib Dems trade barbs over Jo Swinson "living dangerously close" to campaign spending limits.BBC | 3 days ago
Pest control costs soaring as MPs battle mice and mothsParliament is spending more on pest control measures but MPs have been banned from bringing in cats.BBC | 3 days ago

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