Updated: Monday 16th of October 2017 04:40:39 PM
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High speed camera uses 1,000 frames per secondThe camera that can process images faster than the eye can see.BBC | 19 mins ago
Daimler recalls 400,000 Mercedes-Benz cars in the UKMore than a million vehicles worldwide are being recalled over a potential airbag safety issue.BBC | 2 hours ago
UK TV drama about North Korea hit by cyber-attackThe TV series Opposite Number was cancelled following a cyber-attack in 2014.BBC | 6 hours ago
Huawei Mate 10 uses AI to distinguish cats from dogsHuawei Mate 10 handsets use a new type of processor to recognise objects being photographed.BBC | 9 hours ago
Microsoft Windows 10 breaches Dutch privacy lawThe Dutch regulator says sanctions may be imposed if Microsoft does not comply.BBC | 9 hours ago
Drone collides with commercial aeroplane in CanadaThe aircraft sustained only minor damage and landed safely, the Canadian transport minister said.BBC | 12 hours ago
Facebook funds anti-bullying training in schoolsThe tech giant will extend a scheme which trains young people to help those who suffer cyber-bullying.BBC | 13 hours ago
Wi-fi security flaw 'puts devices at risk of hacks'Researchers have revealed details of a major problem with the way wi-fi data is protected.BBC | 13 hours ago
China congress: How authorities censor your thoughtsThe BBC's Stephen McDonell examines China's clampdown on free speech ahead of the party congress.BBC | 23 hours ago
The dome which could help machines understand behaviourMade up of over 500 cameras, the Panoptic Studio captures motion without the use of markers.BBC | 23 hours ago
How VR is helping to train a new generation of surgeonsVirtual reality technology that lets trainee surgeons feel "flesh and bone" is developed.BBC | 1 day ago
Can we teach robots ethics?We are not used to the idea of machines making ethical decisions, but the day when they will routinely do this - by themselves - is fast approaching.BBC | 1 day ago
Why Pinterest boss Tim Kendall takes a daily ice bathA daily ice bath is "like having morning coffee", the tech giant's president Tim Kendall tells the BBC.BBC | 2 days ago
YouTube lifts Swazi bare-breasted dancer restrictionsYouTube denies accusations of racism, saying it wanted to be culturally sensitive about uploads.BBC | 3 days ago
Microwave breakthrough helps boost hard drive sizesMicrowaves could help make drives with much higher capacities than those seen today.BBC | 3 days ago
US voices frustration with 'warrant-proof' encryptionEncryption tools in apps such as WhatsApp "thwart law enforcement", says US Deputy Attorney General.BBC | 3 days ago
40 years since the launch of the Atari 260040 Years ago, video games changed forever with the launch of the Atari 2600.BBC | 3 days ago
Uber lodges appeal over London banThe ride-hailing firm files an appeal after being denied a licence to operate in the capital.BBC | 3 days ago
UK mobile coverage 'deplorable', says Lord AdonisThe national infrastructure commission head also warns the UK faces gridlock on roads, railways and in the skies.BBC | 3 days ago
Branson's Virgin Group invests in Hyperloop OneSir Richard is joining the board of the pod-based US transport company.BBC | 4 days ago

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