Updated: Sunday 10th of December 2017 11:44:51 PM
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German spy agency warns of Chinese LinkedIn espionageGermany's spy agency says China is using the site to gather information on politicians.BBC | 8 hours ago
Apple 'to buy Shazam for $400m'The music recognition app already makes most of its money by referring music buyers to Apple's iTunes.BBC | 21 hours ago
Paddington 2: The challenges of making the filmAn exclusive look at the visual effects behind the film Paddington 2.BBC | 1 day ago
Calls for Twitch to police 'sexual streaming'The game streaming site has been criticised for tolerating a growing number of 'sexual streamers'BBC | 1 day ago
Bitcoin: 'I'm part of a crazy wave'Three people share their experiences of buying Bitcoin.BBC | 2 days ago
Spotify and Tencent Music buy stake in each otherTwo of the world's most popular online music streaming services are buying shares in one another.BBC | 2 days ago
NI town 'has UK's fastest runners'Fitness app Strava analysed 24.7m runs and 31m bike rides logged across the UK this year.BBC | 2 days ago
Apple HomeKit flaw left smart gadgets vulnerableThe company has fixed a flaw in its HomeKit that let unauthorised people control smart home gadgets.BBC | 2 days ago
Legend of Zelda: wins big at the Game AwardsThere was also a major reveal for Hideo Kojima's highly anticipated game Death Stranding.BBC | 2 days ago
Pupils design app to encourage children to go outdoorsThe two high school students' Envirocache encourages youngsters to go on nature treasure hunts.BBC | 2 days ago
Uber's licence suspended in SheffieldThe taxi app firm failed to respond to official requests about its management, the city council says.BBC | 3 days ago
Bitcoin breaks through the $16,000 markThe digital currency has seen its value more than double in the last month in a volatile journey.BBC | 3 days ago
DanTDM named richest YouTuber of 2017 after making £12.3mUK YouTuber Daniel Middleton, who goes by DanTDM, earned the most money this year, according to Forbes.BBC | 3 days ago
Steam stops accepting payments in bitcoinsThe currency is currently too "volatile" to be a good option for customers, the gaming service says.BBC | 3 days ago
San Francisco to restrict goods delivery robotsThe city is concerned about the safety of pedestrians if there are also many robots on the pavements.BBC | 3 days ago
Luxury good-makers win fight over online sales bansThe European Court of Justice says luxury firms have the right to restrict online sales to protect their brands.BBC | 4 days ago
Google's 'superhuman' DeepMind AI claims chess crownAn algorithm developed by the DeepMind team claims victory against a world-beating AI chess program.BBC | 4 days ago
Google Amazon row leads to restricted YouTube accessGoogle plans to stop Amazon's Fire TV devices being able to use YouTube from the start of 2018.BBC | 4 days ago
Sad poop emoji gets flushed after rowPlans to introduce a "frowning pile of poo" emoji are flushed from the latest proposals.BBC | 4 days ago
Doncaster man, 71, sentenced in 'revenge porn' caseRikki Chew admitted two offences of disclosing a private photo with intent to cause distress.BBC | 5 days ago

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