How to Get Cheap Flights

Traveling by air used to be very expensive. Only a few privileged people can actually afford to take a trip overseas due to sky-high prices of flights. The introduction of budget airlines have completely changed the global airline industry. Today, even those with little savings hop on a flight and travel to anywhere in the world at very affordable ticket prices. If you still haven’t figured out the secrets on how to get cheap flights, here are a few valuable information that will help you secure affordable flights for your next travel adventure:

Plan ahead

Once you have planned out where you intend to go on your next trip, the next step is to find the nearest airline from your location. Typically, it is cheaper from depart from smaller airports or co-terminals. This is due to the fact that airport fees are way cheaper in these airport terminals. If it is your first time travel by plane however, you may want to opt for direct flights instead. You may have to familiarize yourself with the ins and outs of air travel before attempting to book connecting flights. Although these flights are way cheaper than direct ones, catching up with your next flight, or the activity of boarding onto your next flight is rather complicated for inexperienced travels to achieve on their first ever airplane travel.

Identify when you plan to travel

To successfully secure cheap flights, you will need to prepare way ahead of time. Remember that preparation is key for an inexpensive and hassle-free air travel. Airline companies have long established their flights, and the rates basically change when the date of departure approaches. In order to bag the cheapest flights to your destination, it may be best for you to secure funding two to three months before your planned date of departure. You will find that such flights are up to 50% cheaper than when you book them a week before your flight.

Choose to travel during off-peak months

If you are going to travel for leisure, decide on traveling during off peak months instead. Beach destinations are cheaper around summer time, so make sure to avoid these months if possible. You may be able to get decent airline ticket prices one month before or after peak months. In this way, you get to experience ideal weather conditions, without having to spend more on transportation. If you really would like to travel during peak months, we highly suggest that you book your flight three to four months in advance. You will find that airline companies still haven’t raised the prices that early on in their calendar.

Never buy tickets on the same day of departure

If you procrastinate and book a flight on the same day that you intend to travel, chances are is that you will be getting the ticket full price. In addition, booking a flight a few hours before your desired flight creates the problem of unavailability. You may end up being a chance passenger if you do not prepare ahead of time.

Be more flexible with travel dates

If you are going to insist on traveling on specific dates, you are going to end up paying more since you will be demanding sure seats. You can save up to $100 or more if you will learn to be more flexible when traveling overseas. If you cannot be flexible with dates, the least is to show flexibility with the time of your flight. Normally, flights early in the morning or very late at night are cheaper when booking local flights.

Stay over during weekends

Airline companies seem to charge more if you are traveling before the weekend. Air fares seem to go back to normal rates during Saturday nights. By extending your trip two or three more days from the time of your departure, you will find that the price for returning fares are significantly cheaper than when you fly back a week or two after arrival to your place of destination.

Fly midweek to get cheaper rates

Flying in the middle of the week, or during weekdays is considered to be cheaper as well. Weekend flights, especially those scheduled on Fridays and Sundays are considered to be the more expensive ones as most travelers fly home or fly back to work during Fridays and Sundays respectively.

Never fly one-way

Studies reveal that one-way tickets are more expensive to be purchased even when compared alongside round-trip tickets. If this is the case, you may as well get a round-trip ticket even if you do not find necessity in going back to your point of origin anyway.

Never book during the Holidays

Holidays is when people from all over the country go back to their hometown or travel to vacation spots to celebrate with loved ones. Obviously, airports and airline companies are busy during Holidays, thus it is advisable to avoid flying during these days. However, if you really need to travel during a Holiday, make sure to book your ticket at least two months before your flight.

Look for flights from trusted airfare search websites

There are many websites that function to search the web for available flights and corresponding fares from different companies. Although this is the case, only a few of these companies have the ability of collecting and presenting accurate data to visitors.

You may also want to look at the official website of airlines. Some airlines issue seat sales, especially for domestic flights. If you travel often, it is a good idea to subscribe to your preferred airline’s newsletter so you will be alerted of upcoming seat sale promos, giving you the chance to book in advance than others.

There are also promo codes that you can use together when purchasing cheap flights online. Simply place the promo code and the system will automatically apply the discount before checkout. Follow these tried and tested tips the next time you book cheap flights online!

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