about phoo.com

Phoo is not a site for the average consumer. We don't show you the same rehashed gear that spreads through social media and is picked up by dozens of trend chasers. Instead, we scour the web, tap dozens of taste makers, and tireless work to find the best and most unique products for men. Whether you are looking for the perfect gift, working on upgrading your wardrobe, or just looking to kill an hour, Phoos got your back.

Created by two guys that were looking for a better way to find goods, Phoo has teamed up with hundreds of designers, artists, creatives and product companies around the world to showcase the best men's products that we can find. Using proprietary algorithms we have the ability to tailor our results and product recommendations to suit each individual users browsing and buying habits. This helps create the most efficient product catalog and only show you what interests you.

the team

Nick. - Nick is the Editor-in-Chief at Phoo. Graduating from UCLA in 2005, he has been with Phoo since the start and is passionate about bringing quality curated products to men worldwide. He's written for several online publications and has had his work featured in GQ, Maxim and Business Insider. His favorite topics to write on include menswear, modern architecture and design and technology. In his down time he can be found exploring California's central coast with his bulldog Kali, attempting the perfect steak recipe, and panicking or rejoicing over the fluctuating prices of crypto.

Chris - Chris is Phoo's senior editor and resident coffee, climbing and cinema guru. He joined Phoo in 2017 after discovering he had a knack for finding the best mens products in the oddest corners of the web. A graduate from Cal Poly, Chris is an avid programmer and has created a handful of mobile applications and set-top box interfaces. As a side business, Chris sells small-batch coffee roasts under his brand Elevens Coffee. And during his 'downtime,' Chris can be found traversing V5s at Joshua Tree, cycling the Pacific Northwest and spending way too much money on messenger bags.

P. Beats - Beats is the audiophile here at Phoo.com. An amatuer musician (Beats is proficient at guitar, piano and drums), hes in charge of finding the best audio, video and media content on the web. His band - Pauly Beats - has a weekly bringer show in Buffalo, NY which is always a great time. Aside from music, Beats loves traveling, Russell Crowe movies and all things Italian.

Danny - Danny is our foodie. He loves wine. He loves pies. He loves steaks. He loves seafood. We picked him up as our culinary writer after we stumbled upon his #foodporn instagram account which has quite the following. Danny hosts bi-monthly wine tasting events in Los Angeles where he rubs shoulders with other food and wine fanatics.